Wing Style System

The wing style casing advance system consists primarily of the bit and the hammer. Depending on the diameter of the hole, the bit has 2-3 wings that extend out past the casing as you drill. The casing follows the bit down as you drill. When you complete your hole depth, rotating the hammer slightly in reverse allows the wings to swing back into the ​bit, allowing you to remove the hammer and bit from the hole, leaving only the casing in the ground. 


Available for hole sizes 5" - 49"


Jaw Style System

Overburned jaw style.png

The jaw style casing advancement system consists only of the bit and hammer. This style of bit has 2-4 jaws, depending on hole diameter, which extend out when your bit is on the hole bottom. This allows a larger diameter hole to be drilled and the casing follows behind it. When your hole is at depth, the jaws retract back into the bit and you remove the inner drill string, leaving the cased hole. 

Available for hole sizes 5" - 48"


Guide / Reamer Style System

overburden guide reamer style system.png

The guide / reamer is another style of casing advancement system. This one consists of a pilot bit with a eccentric ring above it that rotates on a slightly off center axis. As that ring moves outward, it drills a larger OD hole, with the casing following above it. Once you reach the completed hole depth, the drill string is turned slowly in reverse, where the ring rotates back in place, allowing the hammer and bit to be removed leaving only the casing in the ground. 

Available for hole sizes 5" - 18"


Ring Bit System


The ring bit system is another product for overburden drilling which consists of a pilot bit, and a ring bit / shoe set. The ring/shoe is welded onto the casing, then the hammer and pilot bit is lowered down to lock into the ring bit. This version is available in 2 different styles. The "S" version is used as permanent casing where the ring bit is left in the hole, and the "N" version is used as temporary, where the casing and ring bit is retrieved. 

"S" version available for hole sizes 9.25" - 25"

"N" version available for hole sizes 9.37" - 32.75"

If you would like more information on any of the products listed above, please contact us for specific diameters and pricing!