Raisebore Drilling

HD Drilling Resolution offers complete raisebore drilling consumables for your next job. We supply everything from the pilot bit and drill rods, to the complete fixed or modular head, saddles, and cutters. Each product is designed and manufactured using the latest CNC technology. The performance of our raisebore products combined with our competitive pricing ensures that you will decrease your drilling costs. 

Roller Cutters


Each roller cutter is manufactured with premium ball and roller bearings, integrated mechanical seals, and proprietary lubricant proven to extend the life of the bearings. The cutting structure is comprised of specific shape and grade carbide inserts for smooth drilling, and is fully customizable to fit your specific requirements. Cutters are available for cutting diameters from .6 m up 8 m, and for any style of saddle.

Reaming Heads

Reaming heads are available in multiple different styles including fixed and modular designs ranging from 0.6 m to 8m in cutting diameter. The head is designed specifically for each customers requirements, with reliability, flexibility, and serviceability in mind. Each head is capable of of accepting different stems or saddles. The newly designed flat cutting profile results in a higher penetration rate, contributing to a lower cost per raise cut. 



Saddles are available in a variety of styles and are made from a  high strength alloy steel. Each saddle is aligned using dowel pins, and is capable of being bolted, or welded, to the reamer head.


Raisebore Pipes


The raisebore pipes are available in two different grades of alloy steel depending on the application. High strength alloy is used on pipes up to 9 7/8" in diameter which is heat treated to maximize tensile strength. For 10" and larger diameter pipes, an ultimate strength alloy is used to withstand machines with a higher output. These pipes are quenched and tempered through the heat treat process for added toughness and superior fatigue strength. The pipes are offered with the standard DI-22 thread, and are gauged to ensure accurate tolerances.