Rotary Drill Pipe & Subs

Mammoth Drill Pipe.png

HD Drilling Resolution partners with some of the most reliable drill pipe manufacturers across the globe. We have extensive field experience with rotary blasthole products ensuring you will get the products you need for your operation. 

Each drill pipe is manufactured using premium alloy tool joints and a mid tube body. Depending on the diameter, the tool joints will be friction welded, or wire welded. We are able to supply mild steel or alloy tubing for the mid body on the pipes. Wrench flats and breakout slots are fully customized for your drill, and multiple levels of wear protection are available. 

With diameters ranging from 3 1/2" up to 13 3/8", and lengths up to 40 feet, we are able to supply the pipes you need. Threads are available in API, and BECO profiles. 

Sub adapters are made from solid bar stock of 4142 alloy steel. They are also available in diameters from 3 1/2" to 13 3/8", and up to 6 foot in length. Superior wear protection packages are typically provided on the bit subs due to the extreme environment they operate in. Top and saver subs typically do not have added wear protection.

Contact us today about your specific application and we will help you find an economical resolution to your drill pipe requirements.