Rotary Shock Sub

The Mammoth sealed non-repairable shock sub is designed to reduce vibration and shock by absorbing these energies and reducing them from being transferred to the rotary head during rotational pulldown and pullback operations.

Mammoth sealed shock subs are manufactured from superior quality materials and are subjected to specific heat treatment processes to maximize the lifespan of the tooling and increase drilling productivity.

This shock sub is designed to address

  • Wear and Tear on conventional Shock Sub Systems

  • Multidirectional absorbency limitations

  • Inadequate seal characteristics

  • Need for enhanced safety features

• Available for any drill

• Completely sealed unit

• No parts to possibly fall off

• Air stream does not contact rubber element

• Vulcanized rubber compound poured into housing, bonding to drive blocks

• 8 different diameters to choose from

• 8” through 34”

• Standard API/BECO threads and custom S/S length

Shock sub rubber.png
Screenshot 2020-12-15 165418.png